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Friday, February 13, 1998

Grand Jury indictments


Senior Staff Writer

A former Abilene man was indicted Thursday on charges of kidnapping a woman here nearly two years ago.

Leonardo Zaragosa, 46, also known as Leonardo Saragosa, who gave an O'Brien address, was one of 19 people named in indictments returned by a 104th District Court grand jury.

Zaragosa was not located or arrested until recent months, said District Attorney James Eidson. He is accused of using force and threats to restrain and to move his victim about, against her will, on April 4, 1996.

Others indicted were:

-- Steven Lee Balderas, 18, of 1330 S. Crockett, aggravated assault.

-- Matthew Shane Ausborn, 18, 902 Mulberry, injury to a child. He is accused of injuring a small child by shaking, either intentionally and knowingly, recklessly, or with criminal negligence, last Oct. 7.

-- Pedro Julio Pabon, 31, 5358 N. 9th, sexual assault.

-- Raul Martinez Trevino, 30, 502 Westview, burglary of a habitation with one prior felony conviction alleged.

-- Christopher Dale Cox, 18, Tye area, two indictments on charges of burglary of a building.

-- Delbert Yearian, also known as Delbert Parsons, 18, Merkel area, two indictments on charges of theft with a second count of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, and a third indictment on a charge of burglary of one of the buildings Cox is charged with burglarizing.

-- Bradly Miles Mason, 34, 841 Sunset, burglary of a building.

-- David Steven Salazar, 18, 1409 Oak, possession of a prohibited weapon.

-- Marcus Wayne McNutt, 35, Brownfield, possession of cocaine.

-- Waylon Glenn Lesly, 28, Merkel, criminal mischief.

-- Justin Lee Geis, 17, 302 N. Mockingbird, Apt. 207, theft.

-- Miranda Diane Stautzenberger, 19, 2802 S. 41st, theft.

-- Patrick McWhorter, 35, 1825 Sewell, aggregate theft.

-- Les Lee Linnemann, 36, #17 Muirfield, theft.

-- Reginald Ladon Toombs, 32, Fort Worth, forgery by writing or by passing a forged instrument.

-- Bobby Cleophus Webster Jr., 26, 3325 Melinda, forgery.

-- Jimmy Roy McCartney, 55, Tye, felony driving while intoxicated.

-- An investigation of an unnamed individual suspected of an undisclosed crime resulted in a sealed indictment. Information about the indictment, including the identity of the person charged and the nature of the reported crime, will be disclosed after arrest.

After considering two other investigations of unnamed people, the grand jury "no-billed," or refused to indict, the targeted individuals.

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